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Biographie - Jean-Philippe Poli photographies


I began the photo in 1987, on the occasion of a journey in Greece of which there is photographically nothing. About 400 slides returned by this trip in the Cyclades are from now on an example of what you should not make. Nevertheless, it was an experience followed by many of the others, that allowed me to evolve in the technique and the look, to end in a much more selective vision today.

I am an enthusiast of journeys who does not miss an opportunity to go towards other landscapes, other meetings, with as only limit, that of the constraints of the everyday life. Nevertheless, my subject of preference stays Corsica, inexhaustible source of different landscapes and lights, which I travel up and down, dedicating her free most of my time.

Après de longues années consacrées exclusivement à la photo noir et blanc, mon travail se tourne désormais régulièrement vers la couleur, même si je reste majoritairement fidèle à mes premières amours.